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*** Apartment Kavčič - History ***

The first occurrence of settlement dates back to 900 BC, as evidenced by the graves of Illyrians, who lived here. Tolmin is later mentioned in a document from year 1065. The castle on the prominent hill of Kozlov Rob above Tolmin was first owned by the patriarchs of Aquileia. In 1514 it became a possession of the Habsburgs, who gave it as fief to the Coronini-Cronberg family. Documents testify to a long series of uprisings, culminating in the Tolmin peasant revolt of 1713, which was crushed by the imperial army. Today, only ruins remain, which is also a beautiful lookout point, worth a visit.

The Soča inspired the poet Simon Gregorčič to write: "Cold steel shall slash over your land as you run red with blood unmanned...". He foresaw the horrors of the First World War and the Soča (Isonzo) front. Today there are memorial paths, museums and outdoor museums, reminding us of the past. One of the most beautiful monuments is definitely a Memorial Church of the Holly Spirit at Javorca.

Kozlov rob The walks of peace
Javorca Austrian cemetery near Tolmin

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